An Environmental Journey across Europe

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Gialova, Greece


COASTAL is a European research and innovation project promoting a unique collaboration of coastal and rural actors and stakeholder working together to improve rural and coastal development while preserving the environment.

Total budget: 4 999 943 EUR
EU contribution: 4 999 943 EUR

Deutsch-Wagram, Austria


Cross-border protection of the Red Kite and other raptors in Europe by reducing human-caused mortality.

Total budget: 9 537 423 EUR
EU contribution: 5 722 454 EUR

Dresden, Germany


MaGICLandscapes introduces to the green infrastructure concept and its benefits. The Interreg project promotes sustainable land-use by providing land managers, policy makers and communities with tools to better manage and protect green infrastructure in Central Europe.

Total budget: 2 191 263 EUR
EU contribution: 1 777 120 EUR

Alnarp, Sweden

3MC - Traditional transboundary cattle breeds in Nordic

Building bridges between cultural heritage and agrotourism to preserve traditional mountain cattle breeds.

Total budget: 953 644 EUR
EU contribution: 619 868 EUR

Tartu, Estonia

ESTLAT harbours

This project aims to improve the sailing infrastructure and to build a network of harbours in Estonia and Latvia to promote East Baltic as sailing destination.

Total Budget: 10 981 270 EUR
EU contribution: 9 334 079 EUR

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