An Infrastructure Journey across Europe

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Sicily, Italy

ROP Sicily

To enhance regional public transport services and improve connections with the main urban, productive and logistic nodes of Sicily, the region purchased 21 electrically-powered trains. With over three hundred seats each, they are used on the most frequented routes. The trains are built from 95 percent recyclable materials to have a minimum environmental impact.

Total budget: 165 351 000 EUR
EU contribution: 132 280 800 EUR

Pécs, Hungary


Medical technologies are a key sector for the future, contributing to lower healthcare costs for an ageing population. It is one of the most innovative high-tech sectors and faces strong global competition thus requiring a high pace of innovation. Medtech4 Europe aims to improve public policies in favour of research development and Innovation facilities to be more adapted to the specificities of the medtech sector.

Total budget: 1 716 495 EUR
EU contribution: 1 441 222 EUR

Vienna, Austria


Cross-border travelling often faces the problem that travel information for the entire route is not visible at a glance. In most cases, travellers have to switch between the information systems of the different operators, regions or countries in order to plan their entire journey. The LinkingAlps project addresses this problem by creating a standardised exchange service of travel information between the individual travel information service providers. In this way, information can be exchanged between the individual information systems and compiled into a continuous travel chain. Travelers can thus view the entire trip from start to destination on a single service.

Total budget: 3 220 844 EUR
EU contribution: 2 149 062 EUR

Brussels, Belgium

EU Cycle

EU CYCLE contributes to better quality cycling projects, and aims to raise the share of cycling in the target regions via improved policies and state-of-the art solutions that have the potential of decarbonizing transport. The project intends to increase capacities both on the governance side of policy instruments and on the side of potential beneficiaries to develop and realize projects.

Total budget: 1 060 181 EUR
EU contribution: 883 222 EUR

Seixal, Portugal

Improvement of the public space in Baía do Seixal

The project aims to rehabilitate the Seixal riverfront and the surroundings of its old urban core. By developing green spaces it contributes to the creation of a modern, sustainable and enjoyable urban environment.

Total Budget: 1 199 960 EUR
EU contribution: 599 980 EUR

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