A Social Journey across Europe

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Oulu, Finland


NOVA2 project aims for inclusion and prowess of young people through experiential exercise. As part of the project, the capacity of local sport clubs and associations is strengthened in order for them to be better equipped to organise meaningful activities to young people at risk of exclusion.

Total budget: 504 000 EUR
EU contribution: 403 200 EUR


Stockholm, Sweden


C-VoUCHER combines design and technology to support SMEs on their way towards circular economy.

Total budget: 5 196 577 EUR
EU contribution: 4 999 393 EUR


Poznań, Poland


BaltSe@nioR aims to increase seniors’ comfort, safety and quality of life by developing user-centred and smart furniture solutions for their daily living at home. These innovative products create new business opportunities in the Baltic Sea Region.

Total budget: 2 391 666 EUR
EU contribution: 2 191 666 EUR


Pontoise, France


The Equalis project offers job opportunities in garden maintenance and fruit and vegetable cultivation at La Roche Guyon Castle to strengthen social and professional integration and to find long-term employment.

Total budget: 361 050 EUR
EU contribution: 39 094 EUR


Arganil, Portugal


Realiza-te is a program that promotes educational attainment, employment and equal opportunities among young people. The project aims to reduce failure and early school leaving in the Coimbra region. As part of the programme, Arganil students explore and promote natural and cultural heritage of Protected Landscape of Serra do Açor.

Total Budget: 6 293 919 EUR
EU contribution: 1 119 061 EUR


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